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I was a producer on Helpless and was working along with a team of 22 people It took us around 5 months (1000 hours) to release Helpless to Steam for free.  This project was made on Unreal 5 and we had the opportunity to work with a sound design team to make original sounds and soundtrack. Helpless is a game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic desert environment you get to play as a child that has never known anything else. The sun is your biggest challenge and you have to hide from it in order to survive. 

My role on this project

  • Producing: Story and sprint planning, scrum meetings, public speaking, decision-making for the game’s scope etc.
  • Marketing: Content creation, graphic design, press release, platform management.
  • UX : Conducting and organizing playtests, developing playtests questions along with design team, compiling data.

Design intention

The intention behind Helpless changed a lot since it’s first draft. Ultimately, our team settled for a walking-sim where players would be able to embrace the solitude of the desert and still feel its dangers. The story had a lot to do with it. A child has to overcome the unknown in order to make things right with their mom and help her. Nothing is the same as before; it’s a coming-of-age story that the player gets to learn with the main character. To make this happen, the player is able to make choices, explore and make new discoveries.

Alpha timeline

Beta/Gold timeline

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