Audrey Lemay


Helpless is a walking-sim narrative game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic universe. In a world ravaged by the sun, a child and his mother are trying to survive. Explore wastelands and take action to help your family get back on their feet.

Genre : Walking-sim

Time to make : 350+ hours (on-going project)

Engine : Unreal 5

Team of 22 people

  • Producer
    • Coordination of the team with 22 members
    • Creation of schedules
  • Marketing
    • Posts creation
    • Visuals creation (logo, images, videos)
    • Publication of a game on Steam
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  • Social network management on Meta Business Suite
  • Management of the Steamworks platform to make the game available on Steam.
  • Creation of a logo and visuals with Photoshop and Illustrator.
  • Writing of content for the Steam page. Written posts online as well as the press release document.


  • Use of Notion to create the documentation and the development schedule of the game.
  • Writing of user stories for each sprint for the different departments.
  • Proactive communication with the team.
  • Problem solving.